Javier Felip

Personal data: 
e-Mail: jfelip AT uji.es
Office: TI-2118-DD
Lab: TI-2113-DL, Robotic Intelligence LaboratoryUniversitat Jaume I
Address: Avda. Vicente Sos Baynat s/n, E-12071, Castelló, Spain
Lab tel: +34 964 728 294 
Office tel: +34 964 728 299
Short biography: 


Javier Felip was born in 1983 in Castellón de la Plana. He holds a M.Sc in Intelligent Systems at Universitat Jaume I (September 2011) a B.S. in Computer Science at Universitat Jaume I (October 2007) and a degree in "Technical Engineering in Computer Systems" also at Universitat Jaume I (June 2004). Nowadays Javier is pursuing his PhD at the Robotic Intelligence Lab. 

Javier was working with the UJI vision group in depth estimation with stereo-foveated images for six months(11-06/05-07). In June 2007, he started to work with the UJI Robotic Intelligence Lab. Since then, Javier has participated in the following research projects:


He has won three times the Spanish humanoid competiton CEABOT (2007, 2008 and 2009).

Reseach area: 
  • Robotic manipulation
    • Dual arm
    • Contact based reactions
    • Vision for manipulation
    • Sensor fusion
  • Action abstraction and representation
    • Contact events