Eris Chinellato

Personal data: 
Short biography: 
  • Research Associate in EU-FP7 project EFAA, Imperial College London, 2011-.
  • Research Associate in EU-FP7 project Eyeshots, Jaume I University, 2008-2011.
  • PhD (Excelente cum Laude) in Advanced Informatics Systems, Jaume I University, Castellón (Spain), 2008.

Thesis: "Visual neuroscience of robotic grasping". Special PhD prize by Jaume I University; Second best robotics thesis in Spain by CEA; Finalist for best robotics thesis in Europe by EURON.

  • MSc (Distinction) in Artificial Intelligence, University of Edinburgh (UK), 2002.

Thesis: "Robust Strategies for Selecting Vision-Based Planar Grasps of Unknown Objects with a Three-Finger Hand". Best AI MSc student award.

  • MEng (Honours) in Industrial Engineering and Management from Università degli Studi di Padova (Italy), 1999.

Thesis: "Intelligent stock management with fuzzy logic".