Carlos Rubert

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Office: TI-2110-DL
Lab: TI-2113-DL
Address: Avda. Vicente Sos Baynat s/n, E-12071, Castelló, Spain
Lab tel: +34 964 728 294 
Office tel: +34 964 728 292
Short biography: 

Carlos Rubert was born in 1987 in Castellón de la Plana. He has a degree in B.S. in Computer Science at Universitat Jaume I (September 2012), he also coursed a year of Computer Science (2009-2010) at Universitat Degli Studi di Milano (Erasmus Programme). Also has a M.Sc in Intelligent Systems (2013) at Universitat Jaume I. Nowadays is doing a Ph.D. in Computer Science at Universitat Jaume I.
Carlos worked as IT Technician for Caja Rural Castellon at Centro Social San Isidro in summer 2011, he also worked as Android Programmer for GID-UJI from October-2011 to February-2012.
In May-2012 he achieved the 5th place on the Spanish Final for the Microsoft Imagine Cup 2012.
Carlos started working at RobInLab in October 2012 with a scholarship.  During this period he worked as research assistant for Ph.D. Beatriz León in measurement of grasping abilities between human and prosthetic hands. Nowadays is working as research associate studing Quality Measures for Robotic Hand Grasping Evaluation.

Reseach area: 
  • Robotic & Prosthetic Hand Design
  • Simulation & Grasp Stability Prediction
  • Quality Metrics:
    • Hand Grasping Evaluation
    • Robotic Hand Evaluation
    • Grasping Quality Measures