IARP / EURON 2008 Workshop on Robotics for Risky Interventions and Surveillance of the Environment

International Workshop on Robotics
for Risky Interventions
and Surveillance of the Environment


07-08 January 2008

Benicàssim – SPAIN



Mobile Robotics Systems are beginning to emerge in applications related to security and environmental surveillance: prevention of disasters, intervention during disasters and a wide variety of other tasks designed to ensure the safety of the human beings. Good examples are the well known EOD and IEDD missions already entrusted to military services in charge of the localization, neutralization and/or removal of explosive devices: humanitarian de-mining campaigns and intervention/inspection by terroristic threats are typical examples of missions that may be conducted with the support of mobile robots.

Through this second workshop, the IARP working group RISE (Risky Interventions and Surveillance of the Environment) intended to particularly focus on Robotics Assistance of Fire-Fighting Services.

This Workshop was sponsored by the IARP partners Spain and Belgium, and co-sponsored by Austria and France as well as by the EURON Network.

The IARP/EURON Rise08 workshop brings together three streams of robotics research. Rise: Risky Intervention and Environmental Surveillance is a special interest group of IARP. This edition will focus on the developments of two European projects: GUARDIANS and VIEW-FINDER.

GUARDIANS is an EU-FP6 project, with the main aim of developing a swarm of robots for searching an industrial warehouse full of smoke. The swarm may search autonomously but will also assist human fire fighters.

The VIEW-FINDER project uses teleoperated robots to explore a crisis ground. The project develops a crisis management system as well as a base station from which the robots are controlled and where the information forwarded by the robots is collected and made accessible for human interpretation.

The major aim of the workshop is to disseminate the first results of the GUARDIANS and VIEW-FINDER projects –both projects are in their first year– and to compare and discuss the chosen directions with approaches of peers working in similar fields.

Below are the abstracts of the talks and papers. Roughly half of the papers are from the GUARDIANS and VIEW-FINDER consortia, meaning that we have been able to match these papers with papers from third parties. In our view the program provides an excellent opportunity for critical but hopefully enjoyable discussions.

Jacques Penders, Coordinator of  GUARDIANS and VIEW-FINDER
Yvan Baudoin, Chairman of the IARP Working Group RISE
Enric Cervera, Associate Professor (UJI)
Raúl Marín, Associate Professor (UJI)


View finder Vision and Chemiresistor Equipped Web-connected Finding Robots
J. Penders, Bala Amavasai
Rovers for Harsh Environments
Klaus Schilling
Robotics Assistance to Protection Services: Users requirements
Yvan Baudoin, Jacques Penders
Flooding Disaster in Sheffield June 2007
Neil Baugh
Disaster Management Action Plan and Integration of Robotics in existing Protection service structures
C.Pinzon, Y. Baudoin, A. Maslowski
The Aladdin Project: Intelligent Agents for Disaster Management
N. M. Adams, M. Field, E. Gelenbe, D. J. Hand, N.R. Jennings, D.S. Leslie, D. Nicholson, S.D. Ramchurn, S. J. Roberts, A. Rogers
Saferdrill: Control Architecture of a Walking and Climbing Robot
G. Pezutto, J. Gancet, S. Nabulsi
From User Requirements to a System Architecture for Managing Robots in Risky Interventions
J. Gancet,W. Mees, C. Pinzon, M. Ilzkovitz
Asguard : A Hybrid Legged-Wheel Security and SAR-Robot Using Bio-Inspired Locomotion for Rough Terrain
Markus Eich, Felix Grimminger, Stefan Bosse, Dirk Spenneberg, Frank Kirchner
A new 6 wheeled Robot for Humanitarian Demining
Lukas Silberbauer
Mobile Robotics for Offshore Automation
Birgit Graf, Kai Pfeiffer
Sensor Rich Teleoperational Mode Robotic Bush Fire Fighting
Ray Jarvis
Development of a Water Hydraulics Remote Handling System for ITER Maintenance
G. Dubus, O. David, Y. Measson, F.X. Russotto, J-P. Friconneau
Communication Issues in Distributed Multisensory Robotics
Eric Colon, Alessandro Muzzetta, Massimo Cristaldi
Towards the Autonomous Navigation of intelligent Robots for Risky Interventions
Daniela Doroftei, Janusz Bedkowski
Robot Localization based on Geo-Referenced Images and Graphic Methods
Sid Ahmed Berrabah, Grzegorz Kowalski, Łukasz Lubasiński, Janusz Będkowski, Andrzej Maslowski
Intelligent Robots need Intelligent Vision: Visual 3D Perception
Geert De Cubber, Lazaros Nalpantidis, Georgios Ch. Sirakoulis, Antonios Gasteratos
Strategies for Testing Multi-robot Systems for Operation in Risky Environments
Lino Marques, Enric Cervera
Robotic 3D Visual Mapping for Augmented Situational Awareness in Unstructured Environments
Jaime Valls Miró, Gamini Dissanayake
Assessment of Laser Range Finders in Risky Environments
José Pascoal, Lino Marques, Aníbal T. de Almeida
3D Laser Range Finder Simulation based on Rotated LMS SICK 200
Janusz Bedkowski, Maciej Kretkiewicz, Andrzej Mastowski
A New Approach for Terrain Description in Mobile Robots for Humanitarian Demining Missions
C. Salinas, M. Armada, P. Gonzalez de Santos
Overview of the Guardians Project
Jacques Penders
Ubiquitous Networking Robotics in Urban Sites (URUS)
Alberto Sanfeliu
A Self Organizing Dynamically Deployed Sensing Network for Surveillance Applications
Fabio P. Bonsignorio
Dynamic Robot Networks for Search and Rescue Operations
Ömer Çayırpunar, Bülent Tavlı, Veysel Gazi
Tracking a Maneuvering Target with a Swarm of Non-holonomic Agents Using Artificial Potentials and Sliding Mode Control
M. Ilter Koksal, Veysel Gazi, Bans Fidan, Raul Ordoñez
Non-Communicative Robot Swarming in the Guardians Project
Joan Saez-Pons, Lyuba Alboul, Jacques Penders, Veysel Gazi
End-to-end Congestion Network Protocols for Robot Swarms
Raul Wirz, Jorge Sales, Raul Marin, Enric Cervera, Ulf Witkowski
A Smart Universal Beacon for Swarming Communication of Autonomous Mobile Robots in GUARDIANS
Trung Dung Ngo, Jacques Penders, Lyuba Alboul
Ad-hoc Network Communication Infrastructure for Multi-robot Systems in Disaster Scenarios
Ulf Witkowski, Mohamed El-Habbal, Stefan Herbrechtsmeier, Andry Tanoto, Jacques Penders, Lyuba Alboul, Veysel Gazi
Europcom, Ultra WideBand (UWB) Radio for Rescue Services
David Harmer
Design and Implementation of Coordinated Multipurpose Robotic System with RF and Light Communication Channels
Sakyasingha Mahabatra, Jakkamahes, Barath Sankararaman 
Distributed Motion Planning and Sensor Fusion for Cooperative Behavior of Mobile Robots
Gerasimos G. Rigatos
DIOS – Distributed Intelligent Operating Schema
Reuven Granot, Chad Trytten
Real Time Machine Olfaction for Mobile Robot Applications
A. Holloway, A. Nabok
Sniffing a Fire: Experiments in a Reduced Scale Scenario
Pedro Oliveira, Lino Marques, Aníbal T. de Almeida
Human Robot Interaction in Guardians
Amir M. Naghsh, Jeremi Gancet, Andry Tanoto, Jacques Penders, Chris R. Roast, Michel Ilzkovitz
Analysis of the Personnel Safety in a Man-Machine-Cooperation Using 2D/3D Images
Seyed Eghbal Ghobadi, Omar Edmond Loepprich, Oliver Lottner, Farid Ahmadov, Klaus Hartmann, Wolfgang Weihs, Otmar Loffeld
3D Mission Oriented Simulation
Eric Colon, Kristel Verbiest
Mobile Robot Simulators and their Application to Hazardous and Challenging Environments
L. Nomdedeu, J. Sales,  E. Cervera, J. Alemany, R. Sebastia, K. McAllister
Volatile Marks for Robotics Guidance
Pedro Sousa, Lino Marques, Aníbal T. de Almeida
An Experiment on Squad Navigation of Human and Robots
L. Nomdedeu, J. Sales, E. Cervera, J. Alemany, R. Sebastia, J. Penders, V. Gazi