RETA: Coordinated System of Embedded Robots within an Ambient Intelligence Scenario for Assisted Living


The main goal of the RETA Project is to study, develop and implement an Ambient Intelligence environment in the context of a specific room inside a house, in order to perform assistive tasks. The system will be composed of a set of distributed sensors (e.g. cameras, microphones), robots (e.g. humanoid robots, mobile manipulators) and other devices (e.g. touchscreens, domotic devices) of different types, all of them integrated in a networked intelligent environment in order to provide assistance in a individualized or synchronized manner. This distributed system, composed of robotic and domotic devices, will be internally connected through a custom network protocol known as SNRP (Siple Network Robot Protocol). This will allow that different robots can be easily connected to the system in a scalable and dynamic manner.