Active projects

New advances in robotics: soft hands, plasticity and 3D vision

In recent years, robotics has advanced considerably but the presence of intelligent robots in everyday life is not frequent. Progress is needed to make these machines skilled enough to be useful and reliable in unstructured environments in the real world. New advances in bio-inspired robotics and biomimetics offer new possibilities such as soft robotics, which can lead to a cualitative leap in robotics capabilities.

Robotic System for Picking Objects in Online Shopping Warehouses (RoboPicker)

RoboPicker addresses the problem of automating the picking process in online shopping warehouses. Specifically, we follow the model of, which leverages cutting-edge advances in technology and has recently deployed thousands of mobile robots from Kiva Systems, removing much of the walking and searching for items within a warehouse.

Past projects

TRIDENT: Marine Robots and Dexterous Manipulation for Enabling Autonomous Underwater Multipurpose Intervention Missions

TRIDENT proposes a new methodology for multipurpose underwater intervention tasks with diverse potential applications like underwater archaeology,oceanography and offshore industries, and goes beyond present-day methods typically based on manned and / or purpose-built systems. Trident is based on new forms of cooperation between an Autonomous Surface Craft and an Intervention Autonomous Underwater Vehicle.