PIONEER 3-DX: Mobile platform

The Pioneer is a durable, differential-drive robot for academic researchers. The Pioneer’s versatility, reliability and durability have made it the most popular differential drive mobile robot in academic research for years. Unlike hobby and kit robots, Pioneer is ready to use, and will last through years of tough classroom and laboratory use.

The base Pioneer 3 DX platform can reach speeds of 1.6 meters per second and carry a payload of up to 23 kg.

The P3-DX base platform with included software has the ability to:

  • BE DRIVEN with keys or joystick
  • PLAN PATHS with gradient navigation
  • DISPLAY a map of its sonar and/or laser readings
  • LOCALIZE using sonar (with optional laser upgrade)
  • COMMUNICATE SENSOR & CONTROL information relating sonar, motor encoder, motor controls, user I/O, and battery charge data
  • QUICKLYSIMULATE BEHAVIORS OFFLINE with the simulator that accompanies each development environment

The Pioneer 3 DX is an all-purpose base, used for research and applications involving:

  • mapping
  • teleoperation
  • localization
  • monitoring
  • reconnaissance
  • vision
  • manipulation
  • cooperation and other behaviors