Our robots

ROBONOVA: Humanoid robot

The Robonova-1 Robot is a humanoid robot that can be used by educators, students, and robot hobbyist.

This robot has the capability of running, walking, flipping, doing cartwheels, and much more.

Robonova-1 stands 12” high, and is controlled with 16 powerful HSR-8498 HB digital servos built specifically for the Robonova-1 by Hitec.

Other specifications include, a Karbonite gear train, over-voltage current protection, and “setpin” appendages for easy assembly.

Completely customizable, the Robonova-1 can be used with optional devices such as, speech synthesis modules, R/C transmitters and receivers, and Bluetooth.

RESCUER: Mobile robot

RESCUER is a mobile platform extremely solid and very appropriate for outdoor/indoor,

hazardous or difficult to access environments, whose principal characteristics are:

  • Dimensions: 1100 x 780 x 600 mm
  • Load weight: 200 kg
  • Speed: 1.0 m/s
  • Software architecture based on player/stage
  • Software open-source

The mobile robot RESCUER is useful for all types of applications;

from civil applications to applications of scientific investigation and safety,

even civil protection agencies and Universities use the Rescuer.