CFP IJCNN 2017 Workshop on 'Developmental Plasticity and Evolutionary Robotics', Anchorage, May 19, 2017 (Half day)


Professor Ángel Pasqual del Pobil is one of the organizers of IJCNN 2017 Workshop on 'Developmental Plasticity and Evolutionary Robotics' that will take place in Anchorage, May 19.

Labs on mobile robots: "Pràctica a l'UJI"


During these months, we are collaborating in the program "Pràctica a l'UJI", an iniciative organized by the Jaume I University in which small groups high school students and their teachers come to the university to learn about the university and the different studies we impart.
This year we are giving them a two hours lab on autonomous mobile robots.

As we can see, the teachers were also very interested in the activities.

MOOC: Autonomous Mobile Robots


As part of the IEEE RAS-sponsored CEMRA project "Try-a-Bot" we have organized a MOOC, Autonomous Mobile Robots which is included in the UJI MOOCs program.

End of Robotics' Master semester


Robotics' Master: We are approaching the end of the semester and the EMARO+ students at UJI are presenting the results of their works in some subjects.

A photography of the group, with a few professors of the Master: