Demo at Robinlab


Today, The Fadrell School from Castellon visited us to learn a little more about robotics.

Science Week




Last week, we were in the Science Week of Villareal, a village near our laboratory. The main goal of this project was to promote the science, the technology, the innovation and the creativity in a funny way.

Presentation of Final Master's Degree Dissertation by Carlos Rubert


Today Carlos Rubert has presented his Final Master's Degree dissertation in a tribunal composed by Antonio Morales, Raúl Marín, Joaquín Sancho and Enric Cervera.

This work presents a methodology to evaluate robotic hands using quality measures for hand grasping. It uses five independent grasp aspects, as the desired characteristics we want in a robotic hand, to evaluate three different models of robotic hands. Two studies were made to evaluate the robotic hands, and a last study was made to provide a methodology for hand comparision.

Institutional video footage


Today, our collegues from the Publishing Services of the University have visited us to record several video footages that will appear on the next UJI institutional video. Tombato showed them its grasping abilities.