Demo del laboratorio para el Instituto Botanic Cabanilles


We made a robots' presentation for Botanic Cabanilles High School.


Therapeutic Robots: NAO and Autistic Children


Student Tejas Prakash Madhukar Parekh presented (successfully) his master thesis on Austistic Children treatment with NAO Robots.

It was an interesting (although preliminary) work on how robots can be a good help for Autistic children treatment under a doctor supervision.




[24-11-2014 to 28-11-2014]

We are part of DESTACA 2014, mainly explaining to students our work with NAOs.


It has been reflected in the news:

Human Embodiment in Tele-Operation Driving Tasks


Seminar "Human Embodiment in Tele-Operation  Driving Tasks", imparted by Dr. Paulo Menezes.

Tuesday 11th, 16:45 Sala de Grados ESTCE.

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