Labs on mobile robots: "Pràctica a l'UJI"


During these months, we are collaborating in the program "Pràctica a l'UJI", an iniciative organized by the Jaume I University in which small groups high school students and their teachers come to the university to learn about the university and the different studies we impart.
This year we are giving them a two hours lab on autonomous mobile robots.

As we can see, the teachers were also very interested in the activities.

MOOC: Autonomous Mobile Robots


As part of the IEEE RAS-sponsored CEMRA project "Try-a-Bot" we have organized a MOOC, Autonomous Mobile Robots which is included in the UJI MOOCs program.

End of Robotics' Master semester


Robotics' Master: We are approaching the end of the semester and the EMARO+ students at UJI are presenting the results of their works in some subjects.

A photography of the group, with a few professors of the Master:


Bioloid: our new robots


We have recently received two Bioloid Mini robots and we have started to experiment with them, as can be seen in the video.


New robots in the Lab


We have just received in our Lab a Bioloid. It's a hobbyist and educational robot kit produced by the Korean robot manufacturer Robotics. The BIOLOID platform consists of components and small, modular servomechanisms called the AX-12A Dynamixels, which can be used in a daisy-chained fashion to construct robots of various configurations, such as wheeled, legged, or humanoid robots. The Robot is programmed with RoboPlus - C language based software solution.

We can see a demo of one of its application:

Participation in the program "Conecta con la Ciencia"


As every year, our group participates in the program "Conecta con la Ciencia", a programa organized by the Jaume I University with the aim of approaching science to high school students. On tuesday we were in Teruel with our robots and next weeks we'll be in Vinaroz and Sagunto.

And finally in Sagunto (11/28/2016):

And in Vinaroz:

The robinlab is mentioned in El Pais newspaper


Today, robinlab is mentioned in El Pais newspaper supplement about research and development .


"Los robots en nuestras vidas

El Laboratorio de Inteligencia Robótica de la Universidad Jaume I de
Castellón (RobInLab UJI) busca dotar de inteligencia manual a los
robots humanoides para facilitar que puedan formar parte de nues-
tras vidas, ayudándonos en tareas ordinarias.



New free online RPN course: "Mobile Robots with The Construct"


The Robot Programming Network has opened a new course, "Mobile Robots with The Construct"!

Coordinated eye/head movements of a robot for extracting depth information


Dr. Marco Antonelli, Research Assistant Professor at The Hong Kong University of Technology, will give a talk on Friday, 10th at 12:30 (aprox.

PhD position in Humanoid Manipulation at Jaume I University, Spain


Call for a PhD position in Humanoid Manipulation at Jaume I University (UJI), Spain