IURS10 Robot Grasping

Aims and scope

In the last few years there has been a increasing scientific interest in robot grasping and manipulation. This activity can be visualized in the number of projects funded by European Commission under VI and VII Framework program: PACO-PLUS, GRASP, HANDLE, DEXMART. This interest has brought a wave of young students and researchers to the field which require a formation in the fundamental research topics.

This summer school aims to provide a theoretical and practical introduction to the field of robot grasping. The school will be mainly oriented to young students which are aiming to develop a thesis on the field, though other researchers will also be welcomed.

It will follow a multi-perspective approach ranging from analytical to biologically inspired views and from the mechanical design level to the cognitive point of view. The purpose will be to provide attendants an introduction of the fundamentals on each topic and an overview of the current main trends in the field. The topics will include among others:

  • Mechanics of grasping, contact models, and grasp analysis.
  • Design and building of robot hands.
  • Control of robot hands.
  • Vision for grasping.
  • The sense of touch on robot hands.
  • Neurology and physiology of human grasping.
  • Learning and developmental robot grasping.
  • Cognitive views of robot grasping.
  • Computer simulation and robot grasping.



A list of leading world lectures has been invited to give talks during the week. The confirmed lecturers are: