International UJI Robotics School

From 2000 to 2012 Jaume I University organized an international robotics school about several subjects like humanoid robots, assistive robots, and so on.

We have been visited by Rudiger Dillman, Carlos Balaguer, John Hallam...

The schools were:

IURS 2012 (Perceptual Robotics for Humanoids)

IURS 2011 (Underwater Robotics)

IURS 2010 (Robot Grasping)

IURS 2009 (Visuomotor Interaction)

IURS 2008 (Rescue Robotics)

IURS 2007 (Assistive Robots)

IURS 2006 (Humanoid Robots) 

IURS 2005 (Robotics and Neuroscience)

IURS 2004 (Mobile Manipulators: New Trends and Applications)

IURS 2003 (Online and Internet Robots)

IURS 2002 (Visual Servoing)

IURS 2001 (Robotic and Biologically-Inspired Manipulation)


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