ATRV2: Mobile robot

The ATRV-2 is a rugged four-wheel drive, differentially steered all-terrain robot vehicle for outdoor robotic research and application development. Motion control, power management, ultrasonic sensors and safety are managed by RWII's intuitive Reflex robot control interface.

The ATRV-2's wide stance and low center give it stability on varied terrain. It can traverse asphalt, sand, grass, rocks, woods and snow. A hinged protective top cover provides access to on-board systems and accessories and provides accessory mounting.


Length: 92 cm Steering: Differential
Width: 86 cm Batteries: 4 Sealed 33 A/hr Lead Acid
Height: 46 cm Body: Formed & Welded Aluminum
Clearance: 11.5 cm Aux Voltages: Reg. +5, +12, +24 & 24V Sys.
Weight: 118 kg Motion Control: RWII 6 Axis Reflex System
Speed: 0 to 2 m/sec Computer: Pentium-III
Payload: 100 kg Sensors: Sonar (6 Front, 4 Side, 2 Rear)
Drive: 4 Wheel, Individual PWM  Ports: Ethernet, RS-232, Joystick