Amazon Picking Challenge Participation

Tuesday, 9 June, 2015 - 09:30

Our group participated in the Amazon Picking Challenge(link is external) at the end of May using a Baxter robot and a manipulator system we developed.

The challenge took place in Seattle, in the general mark of ICRA 2015(link is external), one of the most important conferences in Robotics, in which group members also presented several papers.

The winners of the Amazon Picking Challenge were:

1.- Team RBO (TU Berlin), with 143 points

2.- Team MIT (MIT), with 88 points

3.- Team Grizzly (Dataspeed Inc. & Oakland University), with 43 points.


Although we did not win, we had the oportunity to compare directly our results with other researchers when approaching an industrial problem, and the open source characteristics of the final results. Some photos of the event:

More photos can be seen in the ICRA2015 web page, a twitter accounthere and here.

We have appeared in the local news:

Local news (valenciano).

More local news (castellano).

Seattle news.