Bernat Artola's School Visit

Continuing our science awareness program, we had another visit this wednesday, by the Bernat Artola's school (6th A and B).

Some photos in which we can see Dr. Enric Cervera:

The children interact with the NAO robot.

Macro school visit

Continuing with our robotics promotion, this friday we had a visit: a complete school (160 children) visited as. We separated them in groups of 20-30 and showed them our robots.



Humanoid Robots for Therapeutic Treatment of ASD Children: IEEE RAS-SIGHT 2016

Our project, “Humanoid Robots for Therapeutic Treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorder Children” was presented to the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society Special Interest Group on Humanitarian Technology (RAS-SIGHT) 2016 Call for Humanitarian Projects and has obtained a positive evaluation.

General information about the problems approached can be seen in

We have also appeared in the Spanish news:

PhD Dissertation

PhD dissertation "Simulaciones Hiperrealistas para Robótica Educativa" (Hyperrealistic Simulations for Educative Robotics) by Jaime Alemany Julià will take place in room TI1021SD at 12:00.

Local News informs about Robotics

A local newspaper has published an interview (in Spanish) about Robotics with Prof. Angel P. del Pobil, leader of our lab. The titular is a bit creative, but it shows the growing interest in Robotics by the society and the work of our lab to promote our research field. The article can be read here.

Visit from Elian's School

About 10 computer science students (ages 14/15) from the Elian's School in Castellón have come to visit our lab our look at our robots. 
Under this we can see photos of the visit.

A stay has finished

Our visitor from IFMA (Institut Français de Mécanique Avancée) Adrien Koeesler has finished his stay among us. As a way to conclude his period he gave a presentation of his work in our lab, mainly in grasp planning with our Baxter robot, that we used in the Amazon Picking Challenge.